Friday, 21 March 2008


Last night was a good night out.

We gathered at Oran Mor’s bar for a drink before dinner at The Brasserie.

Dinner was amazing! I had:
- Shetland Salmon and Smoked Trout Rillette with a Lemon Caper Dressing
- Fillets of Sea Bass served with Rosti Potato, Tiger Prawns and a Herb Salad with a Cointreau Dressing
- Raspberry Crème Brulee with Scottish Shortbread

The food was really yummy. So so good... Almost heavenly, and all for only £15!!!

The Stand Up! Drink Up! West End Comedy Crawl was good as well.

The comedies were held at five different venues with five different comedians.
The Viper
The Lansdowne Bar
Uisge Beatha Bar
Bar Bola (Should’ve been decorated with lots of balls [bola = ball])

My favourite was the compere Alan Anderson.

You've got to be really open minded going for a comedy. I think some of the older folks were not too impress with the excessive swearing and cussing.

Call it Scottish culture or Weegie culture. As entertaining and bearable (to a point) it was, after awhile, it got stale. Stale because every comedian did it.


Someone said that if comedies or comedian(s) resort to foul language all the way, does speak quite a bit about them.


Some cussing is ok. Excessive?

Well, each for their own I supposed.

Nonetheless it was a really good experience.

Would like to do it again. Will bring a bigger open mind.

On another note...

Alcohol will definitely give people courage to speak or do what they want.

Honestly, what gives?!

Drinks log: One Kronenberg blanc, a glass of white wine, a cup of cappuccino, and six glasses of G&T.

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