Friday, 14 March 2008

'til we meet again

Time flies when you are having fun.

This time last week, Suemae and I were standing in front of the British Museum poking fun at TOH made some new friends.

What actually happened was TOH was waiting for us at the museum while we got coffee from Starbucks across the road. When we were done, we noticed that TOH was talking to a couple. Only to find out later that they were with the Metropolitan Police!

Interesting... Perhaps.

My point is that, this time last week, we were on holiday. I was supposed to be sitting in the office milling on my numbers for the monthly commercial report, but I wasn’t.

Today, I’m sitting in an all day review. Currently on my break between reviews.

Good thing the weekend is here!

Anyways, time indeed flies when you are having fun.

It was great to have Suemae around. I think she enjoyed Glasgow immensely. Of course, you can’t really compare Weegieland and The Deen. There isn’t really much to do up north.

I guess the Glaswegians lived up to their reputation of being friendly and Glasgow lived up to be a shopping haven.

Everyday all I can see is that Suemae shopped and shopped, and coming home with bags of shopping. I’m not a really big fan of shopping but spending time with her made me realised how many more things I need to go shopping for. TOH will be glad to know this. He’s moaning about I don’t shop enough. What more can I ask of a bf? Lucky me!

So yeah, it was great to have Suemae around and she will be missed, definitely! I hope she enjoys her time in Birmingham for her ‘brother’s’ wedding and I look forward to having her around again.

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