Wednesday, 12 March 2008


For someone who love food, I always find it interesting to share and learn cooking methods from others.

I always believe that whatever you can have outside, you can cook it at home as well. Just as long as you have a well equipped kitchen, ingredients readily available, and a passion to try. Of course, I don't deny there are some dishes are better left to the experts.

I was craving for Thai food and I called Suemae and said to her that we should have Thai food tonight - at home.

Having Suemae around for the past week, I had been eating more greens than usual, it is not a bad thing actually.

I find it very 'satisfying' to know that I have eaten healthily and fascinating that green are so beauoootifoool and yummy too!!!

Anyways, Suemae made Vietnamese spring roll and I made seafood Tom Yum soup.

Creating food requires imagination. I'm impressed by Suemae's thought of combining various complementing ingredients to create delicious Vietnamese spring rolls with a simple sauce of sweet chilli sauce and nampla (fish sauce).

It's been a while since I cooked Tom Yum soup. To make it without using Knorr's Tom Yum cube was a little daunting at first but the results was so good. Of course I got a bit of sarky comment: 'self praise is no praise'. Still, I love it and I think I will continue to make Tom Yum without the cube from now on.

Our little spread

We had so much fun making dinner together. So simple, yet satisfying. So inspiring. I can't help to think of organising a dinner party soon!

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