Thursday, 27 March 2008

lost in time

A wee while ago, I was telling TOH about this girl band that I loved so much but I can't remembered their name.

Took me a while to think about their songs and then tracked them down okay, Googled them. Voila! Found out that their name is M2M.

Okay... M2M are like waaay in the past.

So in the past that I didn't know they disbanded in 2002!

At least they are still singing.

Not too bad. Still, the same type of music I like. (I can so just imagine TS saying... 'YOUR kind of music!').

Anyways, also found out some really interesting facts about them (and meself).

Marit Larson and Marion Raven are Norwegians!

And how cool is a name Raven! (Okie, originally Ravn) I've always like that name. I remembered, those were the days when my ICQ name was WhiteRaven. Aaaahh....

They did very well in Asia (platinums and all!), no one prolly have even heard of them over here!

I even had their Shades of Purple special Asian album! Sad I know... but those WERE the days!

I've always classified them as 'bubblegum pop' but apparently they are 'folk pop'

That explains...

I think I have a thing for folk pop. The Corrs, Jewel...

Right, I can't wait to go home (to KL) and download their album onto my iPod! ...and all my The Corrs albums and what other weird and wonderful albums I have back home...

Gosh! I miss them...

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