Thursday, 13 March 2008


Have you ever had once of those days that you just want to stay at home and do nothing?

Around 10am I said to LineManagerMark that I want to go home. And he said that ‘everyone here also wants to go home’. Yes, I’m sure.

I’m in the midst of the monthly commercial reporting cycle. Even though I was away to London, and it seems that I have to catch up on two days of work, in reality it is not.

I’ve come to terms and devised a way for reporting my numbers, so I’m not afraid of what I put into the figures.

The only thing that frustrates me this month is then when I go back to the spreadsheet, the numbers now are different from the number I’ve inputted two days ago! And I have the prints to prove it!!!

I know I can investigate through ‘track changes’ on MS Excel but it shows an older data, like another two days back from it!

On top of that there is some mystery concerning one of my project’s numbers. I can’t for the love of God find and pin point the variance. I’m sure it must be due to some knock on effect or change but my project total (value) has gone up mysteriously by another £14k!!!! Which is not good.

Arrrggggghh… *tearing hair*

I am going to go home early and have chocolate mint ice cream with peaches soaked in rum!

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