Friday, 28 March 2008


I'm feeling awfully rough today.

And it is just morning.

Last night was our monthly guys get together.

We started with a drink at O'Neills before moving on to dinner at The Italian Caffe.

Italian Caffe serves dishes of Italian tapas. Small dinky plates of tapas to share. Had to delete dinky as it isn't as small and dinky that one would think.

Since there were nine of us, we ordered a few dishes of a kind and one or two dishes that anyone of us like to try.

BigGuyJim did the ordering since he has been there before. Some of the food we had were seafood casserole, some italian bread and olives, braised venison, and I think there must be a couple more dishes but I can't remember now.

I ordered the finely sliced raw beef with lemon dressing and rocket.

It was really really good. It was gone in seconds while the plate was being passed around the table.

The Italian Caffe is the perfect place to go if there is a group of you as you can ordered all kinds and share.

The price of the food is quite good actually. However we spent about £30 each inclusive of tips because we ordered quite a lot to drink.

You can check out some amazing pics of TIC here.

Then we moved on the a modernised traditional pub just round the corner from the Italian Caffe. Can't remember the name. But I can bring you there...

Next we headed off to a simple student-ny looking pub situated at one of the corners. Didn't really take note of the name of the place. The music was really good. Apparently over the weekend, there are live music in the basement.

The highlight of the night was foosball!

We had so much fun at foosball. There was none of those spin-like-mad-and-hope-to-score playing. All proper playing. Serious stuff maaan!

After a few more drinks here, we then headed off to another pub, which was the main reason for the gathering: to listen to a live band. Unfortunately when we arrived the band was just about to have their break.

A few of the guys decided to go elsewhere, and I went off with them. We started off at Kushion which unfortunately were closed to us because we were not students! -_-"


But it didn't stop there... We headed on to Sauchiehall Street to a few more places and were continuously turned away due to most of those places were having Student's Nights!

Maan, they do take their student business seriously!

In the end we ended up in The Garage. Call me gripy but it's been a long time since I paid to go into a club. Was a bit painful parting with money at the entrance.

Anyways, Garage was really big. We stayed here until about midnight. By that time, I was too tired, my feet was killing me and I had quite a bit to drink.

Somehow the clumsy me had to appear while we were leaving Garage. After going down the many flights of stairs I was fine until I trip on a small step just at the entrance of Garage. Now my left knee is aching like mad!

Went home and had another glass of red wine with Iain before calling it a night.

Guys night out are good as always.

Kevin at work always wonder how I get into work the next day after a night out like that!

Drinks log: Pint of Guiness Extra cold, glass of Pinot Grigio, glass of Red, eight G&T, one apple sourz.

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