Sunday, 15 May 2011

I was sitting in the car in Tesco this afternoon trying to pair my new phone to the car's system, just minding my own business. A Honda Civic pulled into the space beside me to my left. Parking askewed and trying to get out of his car, the driver just open his door real hard into my passenger-side door.

I heard his partner mutter something to him. I got out and said "that was a bit rough isn't it?" And he gave me the innocent look of "what do you mean?" and said something along that line. I told him that he opened his car door into my car. He blatantly tried to deny it. I told him that I saw him opening his car door into mine because I was in the car.

He knew he was wrong and tried to deny it and could only come out with a measly "shut up" before scurrying away like a balless chap.

I told him he was a prick.

What I should have told him was...
he was a prick really loudly, tell him he is a disgrace to all drivers and should blardie learn how to park his car properly. And something along the line of do himself a favour and get a legitimate driving licence!

After they left, his partner must've said something to him because when I was going into Tesco after moving my car away from parking beside such imbecile, he came out to adjust his car.

One fine day karma will get this type of liar and rude [insert explitives].

I wouldn't have been that angry if he apologised in the first place for his carelessness.

Luckily there wasn't any damage. But I was just so enraged by his lack of moral conduct.

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