Wednesday, 30 June 2010

You know, I never believe in the whole hullaballoo about full moon and weird people. But some how if it was really a full moon, then hell, it was a night full of weirdos - well maybe two. Even so...

Weirdo #1

I was at Catford Bridge station trying to catch the train back to London Charing Cross.

There, at the far end of the platform was a guy speaking to himself or at least to his imaginary foe telling off this foe of his about how mad it is to put the cat in the microwave (oven); and that this foe of his should know better not to put the cat in the microwave.

He repeated his story again and again; facing the tracks and then turning his back and facing the wall. Repeating the story over and over again.

It was the longest 15 mins wait on the platform.


Weirdo #2

After I got away from Weirdo #1 and got onto the train, I thought I was smart enough to choose a carriage that was rather busy - about seven of us including another girl, for that time of the night about 1030pm.

Then this guy who was a few rows down and opposite me asked across the aisle to another guy who was few rows down from me, if he liked this country.

Guy few rows down from me didn't answer the guy across the aisle from him.

Guy across the aisle from guy few rows down from me then looked outwards of the window into the dark.

Later guy across the aisle who looked out the window got up to say something foreign to guy few rows down from me.

Guy few rows down from me said ‘huh?’.

Guy who was across the aisle but had got up then said goodbye to guy few rows down from me and then got off the train.

OMG such a freaky night!


Luckily the rest of the trip was not as freaky and even the walk back to the hotel slowly ease my tenseness.

*Sigh of relief*

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