Saturday, 5 June 2010


I thought of starting this post with a cliché-y 'time' quote. But heck, why not start it with another cliché-y opening instead.

It is now that time of the year, the halfway point of year 2010 where everyone evaluates what has been happening in the past six months.

Are the New Year's resolutions still there?

How many to do things on the list has been completed?

I didn't start the year with any resolutions, maybe because looking back at my draft post I mentioned 'I don’t really do 'resolutions' but I had some 2010 aspirations...'

1. Further improve my work performance.
2. Complete my RICS APC training and obtain chartership.
3. Keep in better touch with my family / friends.
4. Lose some weight / tone up.
5. Learn new skills.

So halfway point:

1. My work performance ~ I would say improved a lot. Although I'm doing a mish-mash of many tasks at the same time, I do feel more motivated compared to say, seven eight months ago. I'm also very happy that my partner, I'm currently working a lot with my Senior Project Manager, has been very good at sharing responsibilities, providing me with many opportunities to step up and be part of decision making.

2. RICS APC Training ~ I admit I'm struggling with this. Time management is the key word in this task. Hopefully I will have something done, so watch out for updates and posts on this.

3. Keep in better touch ~ I'm not sure about this. When I wrote down the above aspirations on 5th January, there were some improvements. Perhaps my aspiration then was fuelled by after my dad's visit at that point, and other family matters. Then after that, all had been quiet at the family communication front. But then again, I would say that there had been some communication with my bestest buddy back home lately. So I would summarise as a rollercoaster. There's still room for improvement.

4. Lose weight ~ Ah, that age of resolution. Have I? I doubt so. Enough said. (Perhaps not putting on weight is as good. I'll need to check to make sure).

5. Learn new skills ~ hmmm... have I? To be fair, I have a few things I would love to do so I better get it moving in the next six months! Less thinking, just do it!

Keeping this short, I guess I'm at 45-60% achievement. There are lots of room, and I mean loooots of room for improvement. So let's hope that I will put in enough effort to make it better!

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