Tuesday, 29 June 2010


They changed the pick up / drop off Point in Glasgow International Airport!

Ever since the terrorist who tried to bomb Glasgow airport incident in 2007, the initial pick up / drop off point was then changed to beyond Car Park 2 building, opposite the terminal. You'll need to walk through the car park to get to the terminal. It wasn't too bad considering you are most likely walking in a straight line to the terminal. Unless you are official airport taxi, you won't be able to stop right at the front of the terminal, right near the entrance.

Then BAA, who managed the airport, changed the drop off point closer to the terminal and within Car Park 2. It was of course much better, even though you need to get out of the car park within 10 mins or you risk to pay a very expensive parking fee for pick up / drop off. The trick was to get out, go around the building and come back in again.

When I was last here at the end of May, there was rumours that the pick up / drop off point was going to change but nobody knew where it would be.

This morning, I was dropped off at the far end of the terminal, just as the start of the terminal. I guess it must've been so hush hush that work is still being done around the area. Now, my only gripe is that it seems so far away a walk to take. Especially if you are walking towards Terminal 2.

Okie, it is not such a big deal, at least you don't have to worry about your times are up.

On a separate note, it was about 5.10am when I first arrived at the airport this morning and you see loads of people coming out of the arrival hall looking as if they were just back from their sunny holidays. I had quick glance and it looked like flights from Alicante. My goodness, I wonder what time they were up and depart from their departure airport.

Still, I'm sure they had a lovely holiday.

And to close, I had a seriously close call this morning with check in. Although I had only hand luggage, I forgotten that I can't check in the usual way using the check in kiosk and the BA check in desk queue was snaking away.

Of all morning! And check in was closing at about 20-30 mins time!

Luckily, a lovely lady from BA came along to speak to a family before me, got them checked in but they still need to go down the queue because they had luggage to check in, and then the lovely BA Lady came to speak to me and got me check in and my boarding pass printed.

That was a seriously close one this morning...

OMG. Can you believe it is almost three years since the airport incident on 30 June 2007???

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