Monday, 7 June 2010


In preparation for my long overdue Counsellor meeting this week, I found a draft post that I prepared exactly two months ago. I will share my thoughts on my latest Supervisor and Counsellor meetings in due time.

7th April 2010

This is begining of Month 31.

At Month 31, I finally had a good look at the QS Pathway Guide, in particular 'Section 1: Profile of a Newly Qualified Chartered Surveyor' and 'Section 3: Study Checklist'.

You think that when you first embark on your APC Training, the one thing that everyone worry to no end is the diary. But honestly, until you look at Section 1 & 3 of the pathway guide, you go 'how am I going to do all that in 3, 6 or 9 months time?' (depending on when you plan to sit for your Final Assessment).

*So note to you, if you have just started on your APC training, find that copy of your pathway guide and know everything you need to do for your training.*

However, all is not lost. Perhaps a lot of sacrifice to your evenings and weekends should help the progress. Otherwise, we have up until five years to qualify, that is, if you still have the motivation to last that long.

Speaking of which, my recent discussion with theotherhalf on articulation spurred me to push myself to get this APC started again and moving. Now that I know more than before, motiviation level is slowly depleting.

But no, keep focus! I need to finish this. I need to do this!

So if you are unsure where to start on your studying or how to write your diary, have a look at your pathway guide. After the RICS APC website (if you can find where everything are, searching what you want utilising the 'search function' will speed things up), and the easier to access APC Centre (both for reference and guidance), you MUST have a copy of YOUR relevant pathway guide at hand (a printed copy by your side is most useful).

Each of your comeptencies will be described in detail on what you need to know, thus, when you want to record your day-to-day expereince, you will also know which competency it should be in and what is expected of you.

Now, get moving!

QS Pathway Guide
All Pathway Guides (Click on your relevant Professional Group and then browse through the pages until you come to '...Pathway Guide')
RICS APC website
APC Centre

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