Friday, 31 December 2010


As the year draws to a close at midnight, another year begins. A year of hope, dreams and plans to look forward to.

2010 has been a rather eventful year...
...I became an aunt to the lovely Emma and visited the U.S of A for the first time!

...TheOtherHalf bought a new flat and we decorated the place together, which was a huge learning curve in our relationship

...I became more involved with work, learning more and understanding a little more; corporately; globally; CSR-ly (Corporate Social Responsibility) and travelled quite a bit for work

...Corporately, I enjoy my field work with the Environment sector

...Globally, I've travelled around The Netherlands and met many colleagues from our Dutch Operation Companies

...CSR-ly, participated and climbed my first Munro ~ Ben Wyvis raising funds for WaterAid and organised an auction raising over £1,700 for UN-HABITAT

...completed my one year service for the local Cubs group and still going strong, with a recent promotion to Cub Scout Leader

...attended my first Hen Night and Scottish Wedding of Mr & Mrs Stirling and it was a blast!

...spent 15.5 hours in the car, when it is typically a 2.5-3 hours Monday morning commute, with most of the 13 hours parked up on the M80!

...had my family over for Christmas and New Year

In 2011, some of the things I am looking forward to are...

...welcoming a new member to the family ~ a brother in law!

...going home for the happy occasion and seeing family and friends and Emma again

...sit my RICS Final Assessment in Spring 2011 (need to get Critical Analysis started if I really want to do it)

...and so many things to plan for and achieve.

So, as the new year begin with 365 days of potential and possibilities, happy new year and may 2011 be better than 2010!

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