Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Our beloved oranda Bulgie went to Goldfish / Oranda heaven yesterday.

I felt sad but I know that Bulgie had put up a brave fight. He had been ill for slightly over a month.

The thing with fancy orandas, they are very susceptible to illness. Bulgie never had the easiest of times.

I remember when we first got him, he was one aggressive fish. We had to quarantine him in a separate net area, which we call "The Cage" (doesn’t sound good I know). We later found out that because of his bulging eyes and the type of fish he was, he could be blind and unable to see his food. The hunger thus made him aggressive. Ever since then, we had to make sure that he gets fed during meal times.

Of recent times, Bulgie developed some balance problem. TheOtherHalf said that he had seen Bulgie being a bit unbalance. We gave the tank fish tonic, and all sorts of medication (where appropriate), including treatment for swimbladder.

Bulgie went through floating perpendicularly to the water surface, to the other way where his head was 90 degrees to the gravel. Of his last weeks, he was floating at a bend. Initially I thought he broke his bone, but actually one side of his belly was inflated compared to the other side.

Some days he was better than other days. I knew it was going to be a long battle but I think the long fight made it easier for me to cope. Although I did had a chat with TheOtherHalf about this last week.

Although I grow up with pets, since my mom used to run a pet shop, I never thought that I would be affected by the lost of a goldfish. When we lost our first black moor, Blackie, I was devastated. It took us a long time before deciding to get a replacement or more fishes.

This time around, I feel about the same, not rushing to get a replacement. Perhaps it could be because I have a clutch of oranda roe to deal with right now.

R.I.P. Bulgie, we'll miss you and your little antics...

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