Wednesday, 1 December 2010


It had started to snow in Glasgow last Friday, but the snow had started a week before in the North East of Scotland.

There is something about the snow that makes me excited. Perhaps not growing up with snow is one of the reasons. The other could be because of the white blanket of snow somehow exudes magic and romance.

Of course the down side of snow is the travel chaos and slushy mess.

There always seem to be such a palaver with snow in the UK. In fact, the UK seemed not to cope with any adverse weather condition: heavy rain, snow, and heat, there is always something happening in these times.

Luckily this year, I don't have to travel across east to the micro-climate of a place call Livingston. I heard parts of the surrounding area there have about a feet of snow, compared to our inches of snow.

If I get paid for playing snow, I would do it. In the meantime, work beckons and bills have to be paid.

I'm looking forward to going up to Aberdeen this weekend as there are so much to do including putting up an IKEA daybed. However, I'll need to pop into IKEA to pick up some items that was missing in the packaging.

Somehow the travel chaos and airport closures bring back memories of December 2009. Last year, after meeting up with my dad and his family in Paris, we were stranded there unable to fly out because of the white stuff.

I just hope that my family who will be visiting in two week's time will not be affected by the snow, other than just enjoying it.

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