Friday, 23 November 2012

counting down to Christmas - 31 sleeps to go

Last year I found out that Sanda's a Scotsman!

Santa's A Scotsman

It's Christmas time in Scotland, and my kid said to me.....
Just one question Daddy, before I go to sleep....
How will Santa find me, so I said... wherever he may roam,
Santa will find you because he's coming home

Don't You Know
Santa's A Scotsman
He's Loved Everywhere he goes
He moved form Glasgow to Lapland...following Rudolf's nose

Don't you know
Santa's A Scotsman... Come on make a fuss
Too many pies not enough exercise....of course he's one of us.

He only works one day a year and then he takes a break,
He'll have a nip of whisky and a bit of Christmas cake
He likes a pudding supper and when he arrives tonight
He'll come in through the window 'cos the chimney is too tight.

You can listen to it here as well.

Or the other versions of where Santa came from within the British Isles.

Personally, I think Santa's a Scotsman is the best version of the lot. ;)

And I cannae believe that it was out since 2006 and I've not heard it before!

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