Monday, 5 November 2012

happy bon fire night

It is scary wondering where time went.

Once you past changing the clocks back an hour, then Halloween comes, next thing you know it is Bon Fire Night. Blink it is then Remembrance Day, Thanksgiving, before you know it Christmas is here and then the year ends with Hogmanay, you usher in the New Year and the whole cycle goes round again.


Anyways, although I didn't manage to attend a fireworks display this year, it was a nice drive home watching various fireworks "displays" going off along the route home. Granted it was a bit dangerous too, when the fireworks were set off just above you, and distracts you.

I think last year there was a serious road traffic accident down in England because of a fireworks display by the motorway. Not sure if it was proven yet but it was cited as a reason.

So, today is just a random mind dump just to get things flowing a bit. Also, I realised so fail - no posts in October. Sigh.

I think there were various thoughts trying to describe the beautiful autumn colours but then it just died in the thought track.

Will gather my thoughts and try to write a bit more consistently.

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