Friday, 14 December 2012

counting down to Christmas - 11 sleeps to go!

Today is a very busy day of office Christmas celebrations for many since next Friday is the last day before Christmas, that is if you don't work on Christmas Eve Monday.

So for myself it is no difference from others.

For those who are not aware, I work in Edinburgh which is about 1 hour 15 mins commute one-way on a good day, to as bad as 1 hour 30 mins on a bad day, not considering an extremely bad day could be longer than that but those days are rare.

So anyways, I will having my Client team Christmas lunch next door to the office then proceed with my own company Christmas Dinner / party / disco in a famous football stadium in Glasgow.

Therefore, travelling to work tomorrow should be rather interesting. Train from where I live via Glasgow to Edinburgh and then a bus ride to work or I might be lucky enough to get a ride from a colleague depending on my arrival time in Edinburgh. All in all public transport will take me roughly 2 hours to get to work, costs about £13-£15 depending on if I'm taking the bus or not.

So as I prepare for my oinkety oink day, I thought the following song would be rather apt. I mean as cheesy as it sounds and I'm sure it will be played at the party / disco. Plus I love that the video reminds me our, TheOtherHalf and I, annual trip to Dobbies where they see these lovely Christmas towns.

Hope you have a good celebration if you are partying too! I know I will have a few drinks as I wind down from the past seriously stressful weeks.


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