Sunday, 2 December 2012

counting down to Christmas - 23 sleeps to go

Speaking about advent calendars, not sure how many of you have seen the newest style of advent calendars from Lego and Playmobil?

OK, they are not the newest but it is the first year it caught my eye at my local supermarket a few weeks back.

Not trying to sound like a bah-humbug, just as you thought it is bad enough that you can get chocolate Advent Calendars costing around £10 (and I just found out you can get one from Hotel Chocolate for £12), here comes these really expensive advent calendars.

My first impression of Lego and Playmobil advent calendars were "wow, these looked amazing!" and "how cool is that?!". Of course until I saw the price tag.

Playmobil advent calendars costs about £17 and the Lego ones costs about £25.

In this time of austerity and as if Christmas is not an expensive time of the year, expensive advent calendars like these do make you wonder either (a) people have too much money, or (b) I am too poor to buy fancy things like that.

It does make you wonder has the true meaning to counting down to Christmas lost somewhere in the world of consumerism?

I guess for what it is worth, perhaps they are good price. Some may say "how can you deprive children of the excitement to counting down to Christmas?" (with these expensive advent calendars if I may so add).

After all, it is not like we need to manage children's (and people's) expectation. I mean what do you give them next year when this year's advent calendar is soooooo good?

Perhaps I am just annoyed that I haven't received one of these advent calendars. So please don't mind me, as I look for someone who can afford to buy me these cool advent calendars, or these best Advent Calendars (which I love them all including the Ginvent *wink wink*).

Will you be that person, please?

*Please note that photos of advent calendars are taken from various sources from Google.*

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