Thursday, 13 December 2012

counting down to Christmas - 12 sleeps to go!

What's Christmas without some homemade items?

So last year when I wasn't busy up to my eyeballs with work and stuff, wait, is that even possible(?), so last year, I was sad enough to take time out to make some Christmas favours for my Cub scouts.

I've always meant to blog about my involvement in the Scouting Movement, perhaps another time. In short, I am a Cub Scout Leader and I currently have about 20 Cubs. I'm assisted by an Assistant Cub Scout Leader and we have a Young Leader who is helping us out while at the same time working on his Duke of Edinburgh award.

So last year I thought I make something for the kids, they are normally my guinea pig recipients for my (mass produced) crafts. I chose to make a Christmas cracker for each of them.

First, you need a selection of things you would like to put in the Christmas cracker.

I chose to fill mine with a selection of Christmas sweets and chocolates, a noise maker, and a toy.

You'll also need a kitchen towel roll centre / core or loo roll center / core, a coloured paper or paper as wrapper, some ribbons or something to tie, and a snap. You can't have a cracker without a snap, right? You can get snaps from craft stores or online.

For the wrapper, I recycled a travel brochure and added strips of coloured paper to make it a bit interesting. I thought the beautiful sceneries and words provide something different compared to a normal "perfect" Christmas cracker.

Then it is rather simple.

Stick the snap into the loo roll with some glue.

Roll the wrapper around the loo roll, secure with glue or tape.

Scrunch up one end and secure with a ribbon or tie.

Fill Christmas cracker.

Then scrunch up the other end and secure with a ribbon as well.


I also printed some Victorian style motifs from BBC's Victorian Christmas to decorate my Christmas crackers.

As some of my kids have allergies, I labelled the crackers and filled with items that are suitable for the child.

There are various ways of making a Christmas Cracker. Check out BBC's Victorian Christmas Cracker instruction and template if you want to see how they make theirs.
I had a great time making them. If I have time this week I may make some for our Christmas meal's decoration.


The Churches Conservation Trust said...
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The Churches Conservation Trust said...

Dear Suzanne, these crackers look fantastic! The charity I work for is holding a Victorian cracker workshop next month and we don't have a decent image to illustrate the workshop on our website. WOuld you be willing to allow me to use this image for that purpose? We're a heritage charity looking afgter historic churches and it's a free workshop for families. Thanks for considering it and for the blog post! Katrina