Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Guilt trips. It is easier to blame others for things that (1) don’t go our way, (2) are of our own wrong doing, (3) we can’t explain, and/or (4) we can’t or don’t know what to do about.

Alone. Everyone has something to do or someone to rely on and we don’t, at least seem that we don’t have that something or someone.

Dejected. When we give our all but others don’t seem to give back as much as we expected because we gave that much in the past.

Misunderstanding. Believing that others are living the better life just because we are not.

Crisis. A problem to others but a crisis to us, because it’s ours.

Reality. We overanalyse everything.

Acceptance. Knowing that what doesn’t kill only makes us stronger.

Growing up is not an absence of dreaming
It's being able to understand the difference between the ones you can hold
And the ones that you've been sold
Dreaming is a good thing
Cause it brings new things to life
But pretending is an ending that
Perpetuates a lie
Forgetting what you are seeing
For what you've been told

Truth is stranger than fiction
This is my chance to get it right
Life is much better without all those pretty lies

So Goodbye Alice in Wonderland
You can keep your yellow brick road
There is a difference between dreaming and pretending
These are not tears in my eyes
They are only a reflection of my lonely mind finding
They are only a reflection of my lonely mind finding
I've found what's missing in my life

~ Jewel

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