Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The year end holiday season holiday has provided the perfect opportunity for us to watch two wonderful performances in the city of Glasgow.


On Christmas Eve, the gang trooped to Theatre Royal for The Scottish Ballet's clever interpretation of Sleeping Beauty.

I enjoyed the ballet performance. The dancers were extremely graceful, the costumes were amazingly colourful, and the story was enchanting. Even the male dancers were really good.

Contrary to many who thinks that men who dance ballet are camp and gay. The men were strong and yet graceful, not overly macho or clumsy... except for one scene. It was the scene where the Prince and the Bluebird were dancing. It was quite a shocker and so wrong.

Nonetheless, it was just amazing! I'm so glad we went to watch it.


Yesterday evening, we went to see Joseph and The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat at the Clyde Auditorium (a.k.a Glasgow's Amardillo).

It was another great performance, colourful and catchy songs. The costumes were not as elaborate as Sleeping Beauty but cleverly written and sung. Prolly it is one of the few performances which has more male casts compared to female (there were only five).

There were quite few good looking men. The ladies were really good dancers as well.

Craig Chalmers who played Joseph had the blondest blonde hair and whitest teeth, too white in fact. Tara Bethan who played the narrator can sing really high soprano notes. However, her overly energetic aerobic-resque dancing can get quite annoying at some point, especially when she danced at the highest step of the stage.

There were plenty of legs to see too (goodness I sound like a bloke!). Eve Marchant's legs went on forever - so envious. And there was one female dancer that sadly danced like she has the fits (mean! mean!).

All in all, everyone had great voice, even the little kids who were the Joseph Choir had so angelic voices.


I'm so looking forward to next years event!

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