Tuesday, 9 December 2008


It wasn't as easy leaving this time as I thought it would be.

This time, funnily wasn't the same as the previous times.

I felt homesick before I even left the country! Let alone the house!

The thought of it will be a while before I see all things familiar - my grandparents, dad, YenJie, Ron, the family home, the place I grew up in, the city that I'm rather familiar, my bedroom, the kitchen, the garden, the house, the dust, my friends, neighbours and everything around me that I've been in contact in the past six weeks.

I don't deny that there are some things I wished I had done during my so called 'exile'. But I wasn't in that 'place' to do so.

However, there are many things that I didn't thought I would have the opportunity to do so during this trip but managed to.

The unknowingly wait gave me the opportunity to celebrate Ron's birthday, attend the Nation's Sale (not that I bought a lot anyways), participated in a Rotaract project, met up with Katherine and Kellee, and spent lots of time with dad, YenJie and Ron.

I wished I had spent more time with my grandparents. We did spend some time together. Some days we just watched movie on tv together, other times, a little outing to the supermarket. There's more that we could have done. But the what little time that we had was really good.

There are friends that I wished I had spent more time with but there is always next time. And perhaps, next time around, there would be better planning and hopefully less obstacles.

In this time of my 'extended holidays' I've watched three Chinese serials. It was crazy but it was so addictive! The first serial I watched, I sat down and watched ten forty minutes episodes in one go!


Then there was the mahjong sessions. Initially I felt it was me who was entertaining the aunties, but then truth be told, it was the aunties who were keeping me entertained. Thanks to mom, Aunty BB and LanCheh.

It wasn't so much about losing the money playing mahjong, even though there will be a very small element of it, but more of the excitement of playing the game.

And as I saying then and now, mahjong isn't just a game. There is understanding, skills, and risk. As they say, mahjong keeps the mind sharp.

I must thank the various people who have been supportive of my extra time in KL and made it easier to pass time. To the people who took the effort to get me out of the house, the people who made this time away a little more pleasant, my heartfelt thanks to you.

Perhaps I shouldn't leave too big a gap between now and my next trip.

I will miss you all! I know I am already!

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