Friday, 19 December 2008

Last night’s Christmas party was great!

It was a fantastic night.

I had a good helping hand from SM. Although, I’m sure she was still aching all over from her dash in Chicago airport. I was thinking of all the little things she helped, which in fact when you think back about it made a big difference.

The girls were looking gorgeous. Someone commented today that he never seen so much legs from the girls in the office before! *smiles*

The men were dashing. Everyone did their part to wear some tartan. I loved Debbie’s tartan ribbon in her hair and that heather tartan corsage was beautiful. Until now, I’m so glad that my pal Suzanne decided to dress in her gold frock instead of a typical black dress cos she was afraid her bump would make her look like a house. But she didn’t. And she looked stunning!

The ceilidh band turned out better than expected. I had a few dance during the first set and didn’t dance again until the last dance of the night. I was busy catching up with folks I haven’t seen for ages! And it was good to just chat with some of the old friends.

We later headed off to One Up for drinks. By 130am I just had enough and headed home to wonderful smelling cookies, and bed.

Some of the pics from last night were out. The decent ones. The dodgy ones (so they say) will be out soon.

Interestingly, there was lots of gossip to catch up on today as well. The accidents that happened - the top guy of the area fell and broke his wrist, he was a really happy man last night 'tho; the scandalous gossips that get tongues a wagging.

Oh, the power of alcohol.

At least this year, I didn't have a massive hang over and sore throat of my own doing that lasted me the whole holiday season!

So I guess this marks the start of the holiday season. I better stock up my alcohol (not that I really need to), and other festive goodies.

After all, this is the season of indulgence and gluttony!

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