Wednesday, 26 December 2007

'twas was Christmas

It's the day after Christmas.

I had a fantastic Christmas yesterday. TOH and I went up to TOH's dad's for Christmas after opening our pressies in the morning. I loved all of my presents and I'm glad that TOH loved his as well.

It was a very nice and relaxed day. We had chicken and all the trimmings, and then later fruit triffle for desert. The company was great.

Watched Shrek 2 on telly. It had this fairytale-enchanted-lovey-dovey-Shrekeques feeling. I think it was nice. But, as with all sequel, the first is always the best.

I think I must have almost coughed out my lungs. My diapharm muscles are aching from all the overtime coughing.

I believe I've tried almost everything I can get my hands on.

I've almost finish a 15ml/30ml bottle of Pei Pa Koa.

Sucked on tons of Halls sweets.

Had honey lime drink.

Even had a gulp of Boot's Bronchial Cough Syrup that TOH gave me. One word for it: vile. It.Was.VILE!!!!!! One gulp of it, within seconds it came out. I've tasted bad tasting things but this was way over whatever I've tried before.

However, I'm now on a CocaCola diet. I've heard of it, and I've tried it now and then, that you gently boil some Coke and a bashed piece of ginger until warm and the gas in the Coke are gone, you drink it down, it will cure your cough.

And as bizzare as it sounds, it is working. And I'm swearing by it. For now.

So I've got my excuse on drinking tons of Coke. However, just plain Coke. Don't have the time and bothering with the hassle of boiling it with ginger.

Also, I think the chill is not helping so I'm keeping myself as cosy as possible.

Going to bed at night is a nightmare. With me coughing incessantly, no one gets a peaceful night of sleep. I've even come up with my own nebuliser. Yes, it is an exaggeration but breathing cold air seems to trigger the chain of painful coughs.

If anyone is concern. The Coke has been a great help and I'm surprise at how well I'm recovering in a short time as well.

Walking in the malls today, I can't help wondering all that anticipation to Christmas, after all that mad dash, after all that scratching your head on what to get people, and after all that, it was just another day. It is just another day, even the day after.

It is not a bad thing. I always loved Christmas. There is something utterly magical about it. And I loved it more this year that I can spend it with TOH.

Of course we can't deny the true reason for the season. Going to Gerrard Street BC'c watchnight service on Christmas Eve is one thing that I try to do every year. Although it is late in the evening but it is always good. The candlelight, the message, the atmosphere, the everything.

As much as commercialism irkes any one of us, it is commercialism that helps the economy, not forgetting debts, but let's not go there, shall we?

It is amazing how the Sales starts earlier and earlier each year. I noticed some of the shops has started their Sales even before Christmas! It is the season of never ending shopping.

Shopping before Christmas. Shopping during Christmas. And Shopping after Christmas.

Yes, some online Sales starts midnight on Christmas. Great stuff ya?!

Just came back watching 'Enchanted'. TOH and I both mistakened it for 'Stardust'.

We thought 'Enchanted' was Stardust. Anyways, ten minutes into the movie, it was animation. We both were looking at each other! I was like 'sorry, I didn't know it was animation!'. But then all was revealed. And it was ahh.. 'Enchanted' I know which movie...

It was a good movie. I think Disney did it very well. How real life acting was almost the same as animation. Kudos to Disney! I can't help feeling a longing to go to any of the Disney theme parks during the singing/dancing scene in Central Park.

Oh well.. I gtg and continue coughing now..

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Su Anne said...

I've been dreaming of a ture lurve kisss... hehe... try singing with chipmunk voice ; )

Is it snowing yet? Ur mother ask me to ask wan...