Monday, 3 December 2007


Last weekend had been a rather eventful one.

Met up with Yen and had Chinese for lunch with TOH. It was good catching up and just enjoying each other’s company.

After lunch, TOH and I went shopping and bought a few things, nothing much exciting there.

We managed to put up the Christmas tree - halfway. We still have some baubles to add on and a not-so-gay-looking-tree-topper-to-hunt-down. Besides, putting up the tree, the evening was rather quiet and uneventful. We enjoyed each other’s company watching the box.

On Sunday, TOH and I went to visit his dad.

It was my first time meeting TOH’s dad. He was a really nice and friendly person.

Before the visit, TOH was rather concerned and worried if I would be daunted by the aspect of meeting his dad. I was actually quite laid back and didn’t really worry much. I just thought, ‘it wouldn’t be that bad’.

But thanks to TOH and his constant reminder, I think I was getting a bit nervous, just a bit.

In the end, I just said to TOH not to mention again, lest I really get worried and nervous.

In all honestly I was slightly concern having to cook lunch for TOH’s dad. We had mushroom soup with crusty bread. I was glad it turned out good and everyone loved it. Not bad considered it was my second time making the soup. As usual, TOH did all the cutting and prepping, I will need to get him to cook it the next time and he will be a pro in no time!

TOH is my number one supporter for my cooking. Or rather, my number one guinea pig. ^_^ So far I think I’ve done not too bad, since he is still well and alive, with his tummy growing and coming back for more. Hehehe…

I felt at ease and enjoyed the afternoon. It was nice to see how close TOH and his dad are. The banters they share with each other. The topics they discussed. It was really good. I could understand why TOH makes it an effort to spend time with his dad about twice a week.

It was fun and I look forward having the privilege spending Christmas with them.

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bunny said...

Meeting the parent, eh? (laughs!) You go girl... Hmm, a nudge to encourage that thought I shared with you in our recent email correspondence? I am happy for you.