Monday, 31 December 2007

the year that was

Interestingly year end is always the time when we look back and reflect on all that we have experienced in the year.


I fell in love. And then out of love. And then blissfully in love again. Even though it has only been four months but it seems as though we had been together for four years, in a good way. As TOH always say that he was glad he took the risk, and I, I was glad I gave him and us another chance. Some things you can never explain and as they say, God's timing is always perfect.

I am thankful for the people that have come into my life through the year. TOH, TS and even SR. Each one of them touched my life differently.

Looking back it is interesting how TS and I became best of friends. A great guy who is a good listener, tells it as it is, no matter how hurtful it is; put up with my sillyness; saw me went through buckets of tears, which I'm sure much of it was unnecessary; but still see me as who I am.

I've also had the privilege of doing some travelling.

This year I've played host to a few Rotaractors from Edinburgh, my cousin Lynn and her best friend, and Aunt I's friend. I've been to Edinburgh four times, travelled to Dundee a few times, had two road trips around Scotland, of which one with TS around the Highlands and Speyside; the other with Peng Ha to Deeside and the coastal trail to St. Andrews; and a wee trip to London as well. Within that time, I've also travelled to Glasgow twice before finally accepting a job there and started my weekly weekend travelling up north and then now, every alternate weekend travelling.

My most memorable travelling experience this year, was my solo trip to Shetland, which I still haven't blog yet. >_<

Besides deciding to be in a relationship with TOH, making the decision to accept the job in Glasgow and move there was among one of the best decisions I have made this year.

As much as it seems like a troublesome chore for the relationship, I actually see it as a blessing. How? You say? Having been in one relationship after another, doesn't really give you much space to grow and in my case, I've became too dependent on the other person. The sad reality was that I was 'devolving', I was disappearing.

My friend IH said to me one day that 'the Ennazus she once knew and the one she is speaking to is a totally different person'. She used to look up at me and feel that I know what I want in life but at that point when she spoke to me, I was a lost cause.

Anyways, the space give me a chance to find myself and be independent again. Ever since being in the relationship, TOH has been a great source of support and encouragement.

Before making my firm decision to accept the job in Glasgow, there was quite a bit of struggle and yes, buckets of tears as well. I'm thankful for TS's encouragement for me to take up the opportunity and give myself the challange to change.

It wasn't easy in the first place but many were impressed that I coped so well. And I must say that everything has turned out well. Besides that not-so-nice welcome to Glasgow incident.

I remembered saying to myself that I hope I've made the right decision. Especially I had to turn down two jobs for this position in Glasgow, and one of them was the job I've always wanted. Initially, when I went for the interview in Glasgow, the position was located in Dundee but that didn't work out and there was another position in Glasgow.

And I'm pleased to say that I've made the right decision. Everything has been great. I'm working with a good company. The people within the Client office is nice and we all get along so well. I'm doing my APC with lots of support and encouragement from my boss and company - in Scotland and down south.

2007 was also a year of Hellos and Goodbyes. I've met quite a few people on a working as well as social level. Amongst some of the mentionables are AD, DaddyO, American Chris and Vitali. Vitali was very kind to organise a dinner for us and it was nice to see him again last month. AC's leaving party and farewell was very eventful. DaddyO who works in the same company and client office will be working with a new client come new year. He has been a father figure in Glasgow, always concern about my well being there.

There were quite a few firsts this year as well. First solo trip, going to the horse races, visiting a few places for the first time, trying some receipes, and riding in a Jaguar Type X and Subaru Impreza.

I'm pleased that I managed to catch a few movies and read a few books too!

I do realised that I hardly mentioned anything unpleasant in this post. Maybe it is just how I am, that I often take anything unpleasant and see it in another light and thus it become something good that I learnt from.

There are so many things to be thankful for in the past year. And it will be a super long post to put everything in the year in this post, which is already rather long... One thing for sure I'm thankful is that I'm able to live another day to experience another day.

Each of us will usher in the new year in various ways, TOH and I will be at Castlegate waiting for the Bells. Hopefully the rain will have stop and we get a good place to catch Travis. Free concerts are always good. ^_^

Whichever way you plan to usher in the new year, I hope 2007 has been kind to you and the new year will be a better year for you, full of blessings, good health and abundance happiness!!! xoxox

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