Thursday, 20 December 2007


I almost crashed the computer!


Thank God, it was an ‘almost’. Not that I even am doing any work. Maybe it’s having too many internet browsers, and big Excel files opened.

I’m wondering at this moment what time should I have already left to get their hair done, go home, and whatsoever other reasons for going off early.

I’ve just been sitting here the whole day up until now doing up a travel calendar for TOH and me, for our weekends forward planning.

Price of train tickets is going up in the new year. The price jumped from £20 saver advance return to the cheapest available now at £47.10. That is a 100% jump!!! So much for hoping to get cheap tickets.

Had not much of choice, so I bought my January travel tickets - bus tickets. @_@


I think I’m feeling a little blue. Maybe I’m feeling a little left out.

Some female colleagues are excitingly planning to get together - get ready together at someone’s for tonight’s event. Not that I really want to get ready with them together but at least maybe to be roped into the conversation and share the excitement in the chitter chatters.

It’s funny in a way because I do try to mix and get to know people. It’s not often that you find a person that suits you perfectly, people who shares the same interests with you. People who get excited the same way as you.

Sometimes I feel so lonely.

Sometimes I wonder should I change just to fit in. But then I know I won’t be happy because it is not me.

Sometimes I believe that it’s okay to be different. Sometimes I wished I could fit in.

Funnily enough, sometimes I don’t really give a hoot whether I’m part of the ‘girls’ or not.

Women. We are so complicated. So much so that I couldn’t even understand myself.

Anyways on a happier note, I’m actually really looking forward to tonight.

I bought my dress from Jane Norman, found a way to zip up the dress by myself. I thought I was going to knock on my neighbour’s door to get them to zip it up for me or go to the party and get someone there to zip it up for me. Silly, I know.

However, I won’t deny that I will be handling my dress with care. I still think it is such a fragile dress. Honestly, I think this somewhat rather stressing experience buying from Jane Norman has really put me off buying their clothes again.

Did I mentioned that as lucky as I was that all of the six dresses on the rail are the same size that suits me, only one is good enough, well, the best among all. The rest either some thread has loosened, missing belt, kinked stitches, etc. So poor quality.

I also bought my very first pair of false eyelashes. I just hope I’m not going to take forever to put it on. Although it does say that it seems to be so damnblardie easy to put it on.

I bought some additional make up for my collection as well.

Can’t believe for someone who doesn’t really put much effort in making up, this is really exciting.

I’m the kind of jump-out-of-bed-into-the-shower-dash-off-to-work kind of girl. Don’t worry, I do wear clothes before I leave the door. I’ve also noticed that I will wear non iron shirts (cotton t-shirt variety), not my usual button down shirts, if I’m running late and haven’t done any ironing.

Goodness… too much information.

Anyways, I think I better get going. And I know it’s only 3pm!!! What a skiver!

p.s.: Just got invited to meet up with my team for a few drinks before the dinner! ^_^

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