Wednesday, 5 December 2007


I know many people don’t say this but…


This morning I woke up rather early. Just like any normal day. Almost.


I was too lazy to get off the bed.

Another minute. Became another five minutes. Then another five minutes.

Doesn’t help when you go to bed late. And then started reading ‘Shopaholic and Baby’ and walloped four chapters in a go. Great.

So I got up this morning. Had my shower. Look at the time. And ‘naaah.. I’m not going to run for the train’. So I did my dishes and took the later train. Which, I almost missed. Sigh…

Anyways, so I came in later to work.

Today has been somewhat productive.

Actually spend almost the whole day investigating a project’s target cost. Which spawned from an additional works claim from the contractor.

Sat with my project manager and later the estimator to get to the bottom of it.

I find it very enjoyable learning and trying to solve every bit of ‘mystery’. Everything is a mystery for me. Until I know for certain what it is.

Two weeks ago, when I understand the meaning and reason of some abbreviation, I got so happy, overexcited, and just so pleased. Smiling from ear to ear. I know it does sound very shallow. But whahey...

Solving all these mysteries is just so satisfying.

Anyways, was busy blog reading and then realised I missed the time for the train so am staying back and see what I can do, maybe work(?) or more blog reading(?) until it is time for me to go.

I am so lucky. So so lucky.

Can’t wait for tomorrow.

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