Thursday, 6 December 2007


I just purchased (if that is the right word to use) my first home insurance. In fact, it was just the contents insurance that I bought.

Under my tenancy agreement, I’m supposed to have the property insured. I was intending to get one after the flooding incident with my previous flat, anyways. You really never know when or what will happen. Like that Malay proverb malang tidak berbau literally translated as accident/bad things does not smell (LOL!).

After much procrastination, and after getting various quotes, I have finally bought it today.

I feel so grown up!

The process of getting quotes and the thought of getting insured, contents insured is such a grown up process. I just don’t want to grow up!!! Toy ‘R Us jingle comes to mind.

I’m still feeling rather ‘shaky’. Not sure if I bought enough or too much. Not sure if I gave the right information, at least I know I gave to whatever I know of.

There were just so many questions. How much to insure? How much for personal items? High risk items? Accidental damages? Do you want legal coverage? It includes building cover. How old is your property? Is it listed? The types of lock you have. So on and so forth.

Still, I feel good that I have paid it off, altogether. The temptation of putting it on my credit card and collect point which will be converted into spending vouchers is great. But I didn’t put it through the credit card. I’m so proud that I’ve practiced some form of restrained.

And I didn't want to pay interest for any instalment either.

Am feeling rather relieved myself. The other night after putting on the Christmas lights, which looks absolutely stunning by the way, only half of the lights were flashing and the other half stationary.

So I ignored it.

Then the next night, the lights all flickered. So I thought maybe it was a one off thing.

I was then away for the weekend.

When I came back it has half working again. Great.

Then the other night, only half of the tree was lit.

So I thought, it’s about time I go and have a look. Saw that one of the bulbs has burnt. Fine.

Changed the bulb but noticed that the socket was cracked. Then I checked the rest, some of them were cracked. Wonderful.

So took down all the lights. Just to be on the safe side. Thank God I tell ya! Imagine...

Better go now. Got to catch the train for late night shopping!!!

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