Monday, 17 December 2007'

Just got back from my wee outing today. So stuffed.

Didn't really do much.

Came in to work at my usual 8:45am. Switched on the computer. Made meself a nice cup of coffee.

Checked mails.

Did a simple spreadsheet calculation of my Council Tax. Over the weekend Glasgow City Council sent me a revised Council Tax bill. My balance outstanding was higher than the other bill they sent me earlier. And my discount was lower. So had to prepare myself for battle.

Was a wee bit annoyed because they made me wait so long for an assistant to pick up the phone. In the end, it seems that there is an error. Honestly, I really wonder...

Then went out to site for progress site meeting. Then lunch with the contractor. By the time lunch was over, it was already 3:30pm! Lunch was really good. We had two course and so stuffed!!! I had the deep fried brie for starters (which btw, was really YUMMY!!!) and sirloin beef. The portions were huuuuuuge!!!

It was freezing today! The car's thermometer shows that it was -1c out there. I really wonder. There's even ice formed around the stones in the river.

Came back to the office had a wee chat with my Commercial Manager, a little time online and then it is time to go home.

Am just so stuffed. Don't think I will eat anything at home.

Work, I say? What work?!

At this rate I'm going, I really need a good overhaul or detox of the system. And it is only the first day...

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