Wednesday, 19 December 2007


Someone said at lunch today, ‘Productivity the week before Christmas just plummets’.

And I couldn’t agree more to that!

I haven’t done much ‘productive’ work this whole week. Not surprising that this makes filling up my diary quite difficult.

Not that I don’t have any work. Just plain lazy, I must admit.

There are so many things to do or finish at home as well.

I’ve finally finish wrapping the last of the presents. The ‘wrapping room’ which once was the dining room can now be tidy up to its original state-ish. –Ish, because there are other things to clear as well.

Having a dining table full of things is just bad habit. Very very bad habit from home. Must rid of it…

The living room has become a ‘cards room’. I should clear them away tonight and keep the spares around for any last minute cards. I hope I don’t have anymore cards to send as it will be rather late I think. I sent my last card out in the mail today.

So far, I would like to think I have been rather organised.

I’ve baked two types of cookies and packed them in jars for gift. Of course I have enough for munching and sharing too! My Christmas cake has matured and I have iced them last night. It was my first time icing a cake, now I’m just waiting for the icing to harden. I think it looked not too bad.

I’m aching all over from not been sleeping very well for the past few nights. Had a really nice bath last night and fell asleep in the tub. Thank God didn’t drown. Hahaha…

Tonight… tonight…

Tonight I have another list of things to do: eyebrows need some attention, washing the bathroom, clean up the kitchen, clear away the Christmas items, finish my most important card, put another load of laundry, try to do some ironing, lay out my stuff for tomorrow night’s dinner, and pack my clothes. Military precision. I hope.

Goodness… I’m feeling the effect from lack of sleep now…

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