Monday, 10 December 2007


I’m going to The Hallion for my company’s Christmas Lunch.

The all important email was circulated months ago, end of August to be exact, prompting employees to book and confirm a place there.

The prospect of going to a ‘Private Member’s Club’ was really enticing.

Anyways, after months sitting on it, I decided to check out the Hallion’s website.

Overall, the website exudes: extravagance, luxury, class, privacy, poshness, and everything along that line.

The good thing is that they (or at least the website) don’t seem stiff when placed in the same line with luxury and posh.

I actually like the website a lot!

I had a nosy in the ‘Rules and Etiquette’ section and had a fun time reading it.

Some excerpts:

Members are encouraged to treat The Hallion as their second home (or 3rd if they are lucky enough to have two already) therefore, respect for the property goes without saying. This "home from home" policy should not extend to moving things like ashtrays from your new second home to your first. Theft will not be tolerated, kleptomania is a disease - take something for it.

Members should use vibrators in The Club. If you need to make, or take, a telephone call please demonstrate the mobility of your phone by taking it to a quiet corner.

Members should note that fees can be charged annually or by monthly standing order. If necessary, don't pay your bookie, the alimony, the Inland Revenue or the housekeeping but, please always pay The Hallion Club subscription on time - you'll always have somewhere to hide when others come looking for you.

Not too sure about the 'vibrators' though.. hehehe...

Go to the website to fully enjoy and appreciate the work that The Hallion has got their PR team put in. I’m very impressed.

And as much as a snob that I am, reading the website does give me some sense of ‘belonging’. Yes, I know what load of story… Who knows, one day, just one mighty fine day, I might, just might join the club. It’s £150 joining fee and £350 annually.

Do I need it? Hmmm…. Do I really need it? Well…

Anyways, I can’t wait to have our Christmas Lunch there. Now, I think I need a different approach to what I was going to wear to the lunch, i.e.: shopping for new clothes!

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