Friday, 28 December 2007


Over the past few days we have bought quite a collection of games to see us through the holidays and er... possible beyond.

Two days before Christmas we went to Woolworths and bought four games, of which Chad Valley games were on 'three for the price of two' offer.

I wanted Uno Spin, so we got that. We also got 'Battleship Command', which is 'Battleship'; 'Papa's Pizza Popper' or something like that; and something like connect four, but it is not named as connect four because the three for two games were from Chad Valley and not Milton Bradley or better known as MB games.

Anyways, we HAD to play Battleship. It goes without saying that I beat TOH on Battleship... woohoo.. Okie, he won't be too happy reading me saying this about him. heheh...

We then try this Papa Pizza Popper, but we think it was knackered. I went 'it's broken'. You are supposed to turn the dial and then press the pizza base down, press 'start' and then place all the pizza toppings on the pizza before it pops. I know it is a very kiddy game but it was our last choice for the three for two. What consumers we are!

After numerous attempts, we deceided that the pizza has to go back.

We then played Uno Spin, which I think now is our somewhat favourite game. It has the same basic Uno concept but with a Spin element to it. Quite interesting. After not playing Uno for a while, it wasn't really that difficult to play it and it makes the time pass really nicely too!

Since Boxing Day, it was all shopping, shopping and shopping.

Yesterday, on our way to the M&S sale we stopped by at Oxfam to have a wee look at the things they have there. And guess what we found?!

A set of Boggle (1996) and wait for this... Screwball Scramble!

I must have it!!!! It's the original one! Or at least the same one my cousins had!

I remembered my cousin GS and LS had this game when we were really young. It is like the coolest game ever! I have many flashbacks of this game since I like it so much. But to find it in Oxfam, I was just elated!

TOH was really nice to bought both games for us. Since it was from the charity shop it cost us less than £2 for each of the game. The new Screwball Scramble costs £9.99 and we get it waaaay less than that and doing good at the same time.

When we finally got home in the evening, no prize for guessing which game came out first!

Trust Tomy to come out with great games. It took a bit of effort to get the hang of the game. It is really amazing how a simple game can keep us entertained for hours!

TOH had to tell me that I can't bring that to bed. Of course that didn't got down smoothly.

Tonight, SR let us have a hand on his xBox and we are playing Halo3. Not easy but trust me to add on the additional sound effects to the game.

Looking back, it is funny how now that we can afford to spend, we buy games and toys that we can't have when we were growing up. It is also interesting that no matter how much our parents keep telling us how to take care of our toys we hardly or never really seemed to, unless you are this really really good child.

Watching this programme about James May: My Sister's Top Toys, it was nice to reminicise the toys we once had. And that book that I bought on 80s Toys will give me this so called chance of not growing up.

Way to go girl!!!

On a different issue, I'm so happy for U&D on the arrival of their first born baby girl bundle of joy.

Cough update: Last night wasn't a very good night. Woke up around two something and then four something to fits of cough. TOH is not very pleased with me because I refuse to take his Boots Bronchial Cough Syrup. It is vile I tell ya! Honestly!!!! But the sweetheart that he is, we went to buy me a slightly more bearable cough syrup this morning. I'm actually starting to feel better last night but donno why I had those fits of cough... Not good at all.

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