Friday, 7 December 2007


Last night’s shopping wasn’t as great as I thought it would have been. But, I found out why they say Glasgow is a shopping haven.

It has been reported/claimed that Glasgow is the next best place to shop after London. I’ve never really thought about that. I mean, I didn’t like Glasgow from my first visit years ago, so it didn’t really bother me if Glasgow IS a shopping haven. Or that I hardly do much shopping myself, for that matter.

But last night it was a case of ‘big’.
Debenhams - big
House of Fraser - big
Zara - big
Borders - big (which, we already know by now)
Urban Outfitters - big
John Lewis - big

You get the idea, don’t you?

Oh yeah, they even have a Hamleys here. Just in case you don’t know, Hamleys is one of the world biggest toy store. But the Hamleys in Glasgow is inside of House of Fraser. Nothing compared to the one on Regent Street, London.

There were so many people in town shopping. Today’s paper reported that high street retail has picked up. With the economy slowdown, everyone is waiting for last minute shopping. Even John Lewis had started some reduction until end of this week!!!

Oh well…

As much as I would like to shop online, which ideally I would do if I know what I want, I would have. But there is no one home. And not sure if the postie/courier service is going to leave my parcel at the door or worst send it back to the depot, which leaves me with more trouble than necessary. I may just go online to shop for whatever I really want and can’t find it in the stores and have it delivered to the office, thick face-ly. Maybe just write my address very business likey.

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