Thursday, 13 December 2007


Royal Mail has this really cool service. You can print and buy postage online.

It is perfect for someone like me because I hardly am able to go to the post office during the week.

I don’t have much or any problems if I want to send normal mail within the UK. It is just a matter via first class or second class, and I normally have a few of those stamps handy.

And then I just pop it in the ‘outgoing mail’ tray in reception and it gets magically send away.

However, this time it was different. Sort of.

I was trying to get my Christmas cards sent. Does seem a little late, didn’t realised how close Christmas is!

Anyways, I wanted to print four postage on a page and then I realised that my cards don’t meet the minimum dimensions of 105mm by 148mm. What I had was either smaller than the dimensions or one side is smaller than the minimum size.

So I thought, I better call Royal Mail to make sure because I don’t know what are the implications if I don’t meet the minimum size. Checked out the website, and then found some numbers. Yes, there was a list of them.

I try to call the number closes to my needs, but I ended up calling almost every one of them. Most of them make me wait. But the most annoying thing that started my blood bubbling was there were so many options to choose from. But none of them are exactly what I wanted.

I don’t really mind those push button service. As much as I rather not go push button all the way, but that seems to be the norm nowadays. I can take perhaps two and maybe three levels of button option.

But it was different with Royal Mail’s phone service.

First you are greeted the usual, ‘welcome to bladibla… and thank you for calling us. Our calls maybe recorded for training and quality purposes.’ Then, something like this came next ‘do you know you can go online and…’ Yes, I do know but because I cannae find an answer to my question online, that is why I call you… Fine!

After that, there were five options to choose from. And then after pressing a button, you have another five or so options to choose from. Okay… And then another few more. I think there were close to five levels to choose from.

Then we you were told that ‘all our customer service assistants/assistants/or whoever are busy at the moment. If you like, you can go online…’ Great…

So wait wait wait…

Then it the following message will normally precede ‘thank you for waiting. Our customer services/assistants/whoever are still busy at the moment. Do you know that you can go online….’

Yes, I do know. And if the website can answer my question... *£%@$... Blood defo starting boil.

Wait some more, listening to the classical music that was on. It was a rather long wait. I know classical music is supposed to soothe me. But with every minute ticking, my patience ticked away further and my blood continued to boil.

Finally, after some transferring around and more options and more waiting later, I managed to get through to one guy. He was very nice and friendly. I had to be patient and kind because no point pouring my temper when it is not his fault.

In the end, he advised me to go the post office. I was like ‘I buy postage online because I can’t go there’. Nevermind. Still we managed to come up something and I can try sending with two first class stamps or a postcard stamp plus second class stamp combination for me to send card overseas.

Met up with TS and he was so sweet and brought me to the post office, which was luckily still open after 5:30pm! I still don’t really know very well where I am going around in Glasgow. I was so happy. I managed to send my cards sent away.

I wanted to put in a complaint to Royal Mail but as usual procrastination got the better part of me.

The next day, I went online to print postage for a parcel. It was interesting that I can get the Postal Declarations Form printed online as well. How cool is that?!

I’ve used the online postage service numerous times and I think it is a great service. Only you need to know the weight of the item you want to send out. Having a small scales will help but I’m lucky, I just go to the franking machine at reception and ask them to weigh for me.

If post office like the one in Melawati closes as 10pm at night, it will be excellent for people who are working or don’t work near a post office. As much as it would be nice that post office open until late at night, I’m sure it is not necessary the most economical.

Still, thank God for technology!

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