Monday, 24 December 2007

too much too fast

Thursday night's Office Christmas Party was excellent!

We had so much fun.

The food was good, the atmosphere was great,
everyone had a good time.

I can't help feeling very thankful having the opportunity working with this group of people.

I must admit though, that that I had too much to drank and drank them too fast I had.

I had been feeling the effects of that for the past few days.

Wasn't feeling too well for Friday's Company Lunch.

Fragile would sum it all up.

Had a good sleep on the train up north.

The weekend passed by with sore throat and then a developing cough.

To sum it all, yes, I am ill just now (or NOW, for those who are unsure what I am talking about).

But I'm still happy. At least there was no rushing to the train station on Sunday after a wonderful weekend. We have two whole weeks to be together. How nice!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all. Hope you have a blessed and fabulous time!

With lots love... xoxox

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