Friday, 14 December 2007

shopaholic and baby

This is what kept me up every night for the past two weeks until last week.

The late-nights. The at-least-two-chapters-every-night. The I-will-go-to-bed-after-this-chapter/page.

Becky Brandon (neƩ Bloomwood) is back as her usual self. Ever since following her first book from a single girl, then her adventures abroad, then married, and then finding out she has a long lost sister, it was only inevitable that there will be a book about having a baby.

And if you have read the Shopaholic series, you will get the usual fast paced, gripping style of Sophie Kinsella. I enjoyed the book.

Apparently there will be a new Sophie Kinsella book out next year, ‘Remember Me’. The synopsis sounds interesting. Okay, it’s the usual chick lit.

Still, I like reading Sophie Kinsella’s books. Bite me!

I won’t be surprised that there will be a ‘Shopaholic and Toddler’ out sometime in the near future…

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