Wednesday, 12 December 2007


It's the wonderful time of the month again: The Monthly Reporting Cycle. woooohhhooo!? Yeah right!

This time round, the reporting period is shorter due to the upcoming holidays.

I was naughty and rebel against coming in to work last weekend. Actually, I just said no, I wasn't coming in. TOH was in town and we have planned to go shopping together.

Anyways, I did not too badly. Stayed until 7pm on Friday and then 7pm on Monday. Yesterday I just went shopping to finish my Christmas shopping and what other knicknacks or rubbish that I need to buy. Yeah, NEED. Yeah...

The Big Guy like my wee report I prepared for the review this morning. I have actually done them since two months ago, guess he didn't realised it. Anyways, am very pleased of myself too.

More reviews after this and that would be me for today.

TS is in toon. We are going to paint the town red. Yeah. Well, more like we going to do what we used to do, which is drink, eat and be merry. Well, that didn't sound too right.

Anyways, we are just going to hang out and chill out.

Just what I need...

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