Tuesday, 18 December 2007

the big move: part two

After all those packing, the next thing to do, is of course the move.

Initially I wanted to get a removal company to do the work but after asking around, it seems that removals are really expensive and it is better to just do it myself.

So I hired a van. A Citro├źn Berlingo to be exact.

TOH was really kind to take time off to help me move.

After we picked up the van and some breakfast, we started putting the heavy and big things in the van since I have the extra pair of hands to help.

As optimistic as I was initially, reality sank in - rock bottom, that one trip is not enough for all my shite.

The drive down to Glasgow was nice. Somehow I did note the usual chatty one of us was unusually quiet. I needed the chat. As I was getting tired and bored, and there wasn’t a CD player to blast to keep myself entertained for the drive.

Both of us have mixed feeling within us.

Me: moving to a place I knew hardly anyone, starting my career in a place with strange faces, living in an unfamiliar place, moving away from where I call home - Aberdeen, more importantly: moving away from this wonderful person I've just met.

As happy as TOH was for me, he can't help asking to himself (well, more so to me) why did I have to move? Why Glasgow of all places?

We had a good conversation without a doubt. Which, I am always thankful how good we are with each other speaking about everything.

Anyways, I wasn’t driving as fast as I should. At the start of the journey TOH added a disclaimer that anything broke whilst in transport was not his fault. The speed traps along the way weren’t much encouraging either, not that I was driving anywhere close to the limit. Yes, it’s unusual for me. But it’s a van full of things not a car, and there were a few boxes of glassware and all my alkie paraphernalia, the incriminating evidence: bottles after bottles of wine, white wine, my Sauvignon Blancs.

Almost three hours later, we arrived to our first stop, the letting agent’s office to sign the necessary paperwork and collect the keys.

It was somewhat exciting. Almost like keys to my very own purchased flat. But it wasn’t. Therefore only somewhat exciting.

Anyways, after signing various papers and initialling many pages later, we were off to the flat.

TOH liked the flat and I didn’t realised it was so big. I really am treating myself. We then christen the flat ‘The Mansion’.

Unloading was very fast. We had a short rest before heading up the road whilst there was still daylight.

The next day, I made the same trip down with the final load of my things.

I was glad that it took only two days. Thankfully (or unfortunately, depending on how or who sees it), all of my things except for the bicycle and some of my Rotaract things are left with TOH. (And it is still there for me to sort it…)


Su Anne said...

that is alot of stuffs in the van man... eh... is that a Xbox in the van? eyeer....

mubashar said...

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