Thursday, 29 November 2007

the big move: part one

This posting is long overdue.

After more than a month of flaffing and fussing about looking for a flat, I finally found a place.

And as much as I said in one of my earlier post before the move, that I will have a full on packing weekend, that, in reality did not happened.

What did happened was, I didn’t do any packing on Friday. I ended up leaving it for Saturday, I just wanted to spend time with TOH after getting off the bus.

I started some packing on Saturday when TOH was away at work. Yes, it was SOME, because I spent most of the time online and other time on the phone chatting with people.

When he came back, he was like, ‘what did you packed?!’

Then Sunday, the day before the planned move, I woke up and started packing.

I’ve arranged for some things which TOH can help me packed.

Yeah, I know I’m that bad. I’m so fussy that I have to put aside some things that he can do for me.

Those who know me, knows that I can be very pedantic about things and can possibly be very pathetic many a times, yes, I know. It was proven during this time. We had a wee incident with packing the computer speakers, which TOH will bring it up now and again, just to remind me of how pathetic I can get.

I know TOH was very kind and wanted to help, but I did not want to bombard him with too much work either. I mean, I don’t really know the guy very well and we only started going out not long at that time.

So, whilst TOH was sitting on the couch, I brought him this pile of glassware: my collection of glasses: wine glasses, pint glasses, glass serving dishes, etc. Then there was also a pile of tableware.

Halfway through wrapping up the items, TOH can’t help commenting how much kitchen stuff I have, and that was just the tableware, not inclusive of kitchen utensils and foodstuff!

And yes, I have to admit it was JUST things from the kitchen.

By the time we had everything (or rather, almost everything) packed TOH can't help commenting (again!) how much shite I have!

It has now caught on that whatever things/rubbish/nonesense that I have (or he or we have) we call them shite, unless it is totally and utterly necessary or essential.

Anyways, I managed to get TOH to go for his weekly visit to his dad’s. So I had some time alone packing.

It was then I realised that I had so much stuff that I still haven’t managed to pack!

Panic was settling in. And I mean real panic.

I. Was. Moving. The. Next. Day!

But there is just so much more that I haven’t pack yet!!!

I didn’t realise that I have so much stuff!!! There was so much storage space for a small flat like what I had, that I didn’t KNOW I have so SO much things!!! (Okay, I do know, but didn’t expect..)

TOH texted me a few times but I just told him that I was fine. Which I was actually not but I didn’t want him to worry. And I know I can do it. I have to. I didn’t have much of a choice.

It was my fault anyways.

So I kept me head down and keep on pushing and ploughing my way through. Remembering to breathe. I think I was close to having an epileptic fit. Okay, maybe I exagerrated a bit. But I did find it hard to breathe.

By the time he came back, I had made quite a bit of progress. Just quite.

Being the emotional me, I can’t help shedding some tears too.

We had some interesting conversation about life while packing. Which was good. I always love our conversations. Which, I shall leave it to another posting.

Thankfully, TOH has been helping me accumulate boxes over the weeks prior to the move.

I had some boxes but had TOH not got me those boxes week by week, I think I may just have a panic attack gathering boxes. In fact, we were looking for boxes up until the actual move!

There were these really nice people in the Co-Op on Holborn Street that gave us a couple of collapsible crates. I can’t help saying to TOH that we should come in the middle of the night and get more if we want. Hehehe…

Don’t worry, we didn’t.

In the end we had to hunt for more boxes, wine boxes to be exact.

Psychologically, one will think that wine boxes are strong, after all, they were used to carry those heavy wine bottles in them.

I particularly needed them because, sadly, I have about 30 odd bottles of wine and whatnots bottle of things. Don't you dare start with me being an alchie.

By the end of Sunday night, I think we had almost everything packed. We left some to be packed on Monday and the last remaining to be packed on Tuesday.

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