Thursday, 20 September 2007

flat hunting: part 2

After weeks of sitting in front of the computer, arbitrary looking for a flat, arranging for viewings, got ffk-ed (stood up) by appointments, viewed a couple of flats, got the paperwork done, waited patiently, I have finally found a flat, got confirmation of it, and am moving in next week! Phew, that’s a long sentence!

I honestly didn’t know where to start. It was just browsing after browsing. Clicking and clicking. But I did nothing about it.

Possibly had even missed out on a few good flats. Who knows?

Had a long wait, almost two weeks, to view a flat to only found out that it has white meter heating (see my earlier post on this). The flat was located in a rather nice area, as far as I know on paper. I was actually looking forward to view the flat and the area, but guess me and that flat was not fated to be together.

Then I had an appointment to view a flat on the same street as Craig and Ally, only to have the Landlord taking back the flat on the day of viewing! Great.

Time was running out, in a way. I was stressing out because it was almost end of August, my four weeks of paid accommodation was coming up soon, and students were starting to invade the city hunting for flats too.

At one point, I got rather desperate. I was looking for temporary accommodation and a permanent one as well. I went near to the Clyde and had a look at some executive apartments, well, the area, since I couldn’t get hold of the person in charge of the flat.

I had this imagine of me living in those flats, and it was like a life in KL or Singapore. Me in my posh-ish looking flat, overlooking the Clyde or the surroundings, in the area with more of these executive/luxury flats, have secured parking and even lifts to my flat (rather than walking up the stairs). The location of the flat made public transport not that ideal. It was a good twenty minutes walk to a decent frequent service bus stop. I needed a car if I lived there. What an excuse! But no, not feasible.

I finally went to my first flat viewing. AD was really kind to drive me there to have a look at the place. The flat was huge!!! The rooms were huge, except for the kitchen. Other than that everything was huge! There were two bedrooms too. However, everything in the flat was very dated. A drive round the corner later, the streets around it wasn’t the most pleasant either. Going to work was a bit of a pain as well. So it was a NO.

It was the same day that all the excitement happened. Wonderful.


The next day, I went to view another flat. Had a conversation the night before with PC Murphy and he said that it was a good area. Mr. PM drop me for the flat viewing after a site meeting. The viewing was really quick. I liked the place. I probably should have viewed in more detail but I just wanted the place badly. I’m honestly hoping there is no problem and there is nothing to worry about since it was such a rash decision. After viewing the flat, it took about five minutes or less, I rushed to the office so that I can put in my interest for the flat.

Sadly, because I do not had any form of money, I couldn’t do much but to take the form away with me, fill it up and come back with a booking fee and a fee for credit check.

The next day, after collecting my belongings from the police station, AD drove me to the agent and submit my form and part with my cheque.

Then it was sitting and waiting. Until now.

I’m starting to look forward to moving to Glasgow next week.

I think it is more of the fact that when I finish work, I have a place to go home to. Now, I just go off from work. I can’t say I go home, unless it is Friday.

This weekend is a full-on packing. No excuses!

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