Friday, 14 September 2007


Forecast (v.)
Forecasten, to plan beforehand: fore-, fore- + casten, to throw, calculate, prepare.

Ever since the beginning of the week, I had to prepare my monthly forecasts.

Didn’t help when you don’t really know exactly what to do.

Didn’t help when you were supposed to go for a site meeting that was going to take up one morning, only to have it postponed without you knowing.

Didn’t help when you got news on Monday that you have to go for a full-day training, out of office.

Didn’t help when the dateline was too soon (or I think unreasonable, perhaps).

Didn’t help that when you finally go for a site meeting, the forecasts were due that time/day.

What was my response?

‘Do I look like I care?.... Noooo.

Great attitude in a new job eh?

Fortunately, I got it completed today. At least to the best that I know of. With whatever information and logic I can put in.

After all, forecasts are predictions.

Is there a right answer? Is there a wrong answer?

What should I do then?

Was rather frustrated as I had to swim in the deep end with strong currents.

But I swam through.

I don’t deny I actually love the adrenaline of rushing to complete it.

Am I looking forward to next month’s forecasts?


Yes. *shyly*

I need to prepare some ground work first.

But before that, I shall enjoy my weekend.

I’ve got another 28 minutes to go.


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