Tuesday, 18 September 2007

ever since

Ever since, everyday is a day I look forward to.

Ever since, weekends and weekdays went by as fast.

Ever since, I can’t believed I can talk so much on the phone.

Okay, I do talk a lot I know. It was record breaking for the both of us! Who would believe two and a half hours!!! BT must really regret having free evening calls.

Ever since, my monthly mobile free allowance is not enough.

Ever since, I’ve spend so much on my mobile all of which is well worth the spend.

Ever since, you have contributed to bringing up messages in my inbox to 1,032 and counting!

Ever since, I know that no matter the distance, you are always close by.

Ever since, every single little thing reminds me of you.

Ever since, those little things make me smile suddenly.

Ever since, you have made such an impact in my life.

Ever since, I had the best thirty-one days.

Ever since, I look forward to all the days to come spending each one with you.

With lots love...

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