Friday, 21 September 2007


Six weeks into the job and I’ve been invited to various social events.

There was the BBQ on Loch Lomond, then we had karting last week (which I will blog about it, hopefully not long from now), and last night there was a drinks event.

I guess one thing that helps is that I’m working for so many people (in a way).

Last night’s event was an interesting one. The event was to celebrate the acquisition of companies by our mother company. We had colleagues from other companies, working in various locations; and we had clients as well at the event.

It was held at the trendy November Café in Princess Square. It is indeed a really nice shopping centre. Really reminded me of Starhill (which I didn't know has now been rename as Starhill Gallery. The website has this really nice French song I heard on YouTube) in Bukit Bintang, KL. Saw some really good artworks at a stall in the centre. Might just start my collection of Glasgow art.

I must have heard wrongly the week before that we will be served dinner, since it was a restaurant. Anyways, on the way there, I said to AD ‘I hope they serve proper food. Finger food is not food. It is just snacks.’

Both of us were hungry. Me as usual, have this fuss about drinking and food.

It was pouring (in Scottish standards). I was moaning that the water was getting into my shoes. Goodness! What’s new?!

As much as I like socialising, there is something about being in a room with people you hardly know of. My Boss asked us to mingle. He did try to get the ball rolling though. Not easy as not sure what to talk about.

But after some silly conversations, moving around and chatting with people, we ended up in a group of us, who clearly actually work for the company to chat about almost everything.

It was interesting to see that there were more men than women.

It was interesting to see that there were so many men that were dressed up in their suits, clearly coming after work.

Who would imagine that I would be attending after work events such as this?

My image of work life was go to work, slave slave slave, work work work, go home and then the routine start again the next morning, everyday for five days a week.

Oh well. It may be a one off. But I know that there are quite a few events coming up. So it’s good.

Unfortunately, when food was served, it was finger food! Thank havens food was served instead of us diving into it. One thing we can’t stand was that the waiting staff kept asking us ‘would you like some this and some that?’ The obvious answer was ‘yes, we want everything and more than just one piece!!!’ but we can’t, we have to be considerate and we have to behave. ;P Food was nice but not enough.

Drinks log: Four glasses of white wine (don’t even know what type).

AD drop me at my nice guest house, waited for TOH to finish his chore, because I wanted to call him and have a chat. Didn’t realise that I fell asleep waiting for his text. The next thing I knew, there was a text on my phone and it was already one in the morning!

So I went back to sleep. Having drinking so much, so fast and hardly much food in my tummy, it was only natural to wake up rough. Luckily that was four in the morning. Had quite a few cups of water and then went back to bed. Come six in the morning, I’m happy and hunky dory!

Shouldn’t really disclose my little secret on how to have loads to drink the night before and going to work without a hangover. Now TOH knows and he will not be as impressed as before.

The finger food for dinner didn’t really help so I’m so so hungry now. Where is the Nasi Lemak? Mee goreng? Hmmm…

Next week would be an amazing week. Even though it is holiday Monday, it’s not holiday for us but I have Monday to Wednesday off as the big move is happening on Monday. Just need to start packing when I get home tonight, no, I will start packing tomorrow. Full on packing.

Fingers crossed.

Then Thursday, the client’s Commercial and Planning team are going to Perth for the Horse Races. How cool is that?! Whole day event. I’m still wondering what to wear. I just need to know what the winning horse is and bet on it. Any ideas?

Then Friday to catch up on my work and before you know it, it’s the weekend. TOH will be here and it IS going to be an amazing week!


Su Anne said...

Wah... you're going for a posh hourse racing event? so cool... remember to wear a hat : )

Hehe... sounds like some Paris Hilton... hehe. But take care of ur health k?

Miss you very much oh. And happy shifting : )

magmag said...

Horse races... glamour wei! Hehehee...