Tuesday, 4 September 2007

wrap mountain, wrap sea

Work has been picking up. Which is good. Can’t really complain, really.

After all, I thrived being under pressure and juggling tasks. Someone once said that I ‘pau san pau hai’, literally ‘wrap mountain, wrap sea’. This actually means, wanting to take up everything and do everything. Well, at least that was what I understand of.

A quick browse at my calendar, I will be quite busy this month. That means more things to blog about! Anyways, it has been a long time since I used MS Outlook. It is such a cool tool because I can plan/fill out my appointments as they come in from my emails, add on if it is not from emails, accept/decline/maybe invitation for appointments/meetings and send out appointments for confirmation. How cool is that?!

Okay, I’m out dated with things like that. Still…

Today in my mail I received a wee task from Head Office. What they do is that every month the company will send out mails introducing new starts. So my task is to do a little write up in third person.

And I’ve come up with the following:

ennazus is a university graduate. She enjoys taking up challenges and tasks, doing more than what many thinks she can do. Sometimes she surprises herself too!

During her free time, ennazus likes to spend time in bed catching up on her sleep (as if there is such a thing!). These times include getting too comfy, napping in the sun and getting a sun burn. When she is not relaxing, she would be doing something klutzy or clumsy.

Her last escapade involves her slamming the car door on her right thumb. It still aches until this very day. The event has left her with a bruised and injured thumb, holding her pen and writing in a rather odd way.

Right I better get back to work, else I will be swimming in it…

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