Friday, 28 September 2007


It was good to come back to a relaxing work day after three days of leave. The only work part of the day was to check emails.

We were then off on our way to Perth for the Centennial Horse Race and last race day of the season.

Not having any experience at the races, it was an eye opening experience. There were quite a big group of us from various client sites in Scotland. It was a team away day.

We first had lunch: three course affair. After not being fed properly for the last few days, this was a feast for my tummy.

During lunch, we discussed and decide what horses we are going to place our bets on. After lunch, everyone just goes off to place their bets.

There were the normal on street bookmakers and there were the bookmakers on site. It was very interesting to learn all about betting on horses. Terms like ‘one-way’, ‘both-ways’, ‘to win’, and ‘placing’ are among some of the terms used.

Then there were the odds against each horse as well to understand of. These number fractions highlight the amount of pay outs and are influenced by the amount of bets punters place.

There were seven races yesterday. Each of varying categories and includes ‘Steeplechase’, ‘Hurdles’, ‘Handicaps’ as well as novices/amateurs.

I think a lot of us were amazed how the horses seems to be slower than what you see on telly. I do admit I was expecting them to travel faster and maybe just zoom by in a flash. But horses are not light (whichever meaning you are thinking of) so they don’t zoom by.

The atmosphere at the racecourse was a relaxed one. Most of the race goers were dressed warmly and there were some who dressed… not so warmly. It was a rather cold day for September. I wished I brought my gloves with me. At least it was dry.

There were many people there and one can’t help wondering how many of these people don’t need to go to work.

All in all, it was a good day. A very good experience. I only lost £4. Maybe I will win more the next time, if there is ever one.

Pictures to follow.

Drinks log: three glasses white wine (sauvignon blanc), two G&T

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