Monday, 1 October 2007

randomness monday

Honestly, I spent half the day thinking what I wanted to blog. Until…

I was rather disappointed that I’ve only had fourteen posts for last month. Should have been better but can’t really blame if I don’t get proper internet connection. Blogging during office hours should not is probably not acceptable. But…

Spoke to BT today trying to get my phone line as well as broadband sorted out once and for all. This will be my fourth time calling them in three days. Rather annoying that I had to try to find out whether there was a phone line before this since there is not one on their system.

Had a really nice girl on the phone today and she was very helpful. Was really kind to organise for an Engineer to come and have a look at it. If there is no line, it is going to cost me £124.99 to connect a phone line. Let’s just hope there is one since I can see the phone socket. But if I have to spend it, I will just have to.

The flat is getting into shape. There are still countless boxes everywhere, in almost every room. At least my bedroom is looking much better, just have to clear out one box of toiletries from my bedroom and the other in the hallway. Will work on the boxes in my living room and my computer tonight. Maybe touch a little on boxes for the kitchen that is all about in the dining room. At least I have unpacked my plants yesterday (after six days!). Fed them some food and water. Hope they like their new home since now they are sitting nicely on a window sill with evening sunlight.

Sleepy Baby Gee has tagged me. I need some time to think about it.

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