Thursday, 4 October 2007

gurly investment

It’s finally here

My big gurl investment is finally here.

There was once I read somewhere that says:
A Woman Should Have…
… a set of screwdrivers. Check - courtesy of SR.
… a cordless drill. Something I’m planning to get.
… a black lace bra. Check.
… a friend who always makes her laugh. Check.
… and one who lets her cry. Check.
… a good piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in her family. CHECK!!!
… eight matching plates, wine glasses with stems, and a recipe for a meal that will make her guests feel honoured. Half check? Working on this. Does four matching plates work? I’ve got the wine glasses though. Meals making my guests feel honoured… well, you just have to be there to know it.
… a feeling of control over her destiny.
Check. Well, more or less I know how it is going.

So I thought it would be probably about time for me to ‘own a good piece of furniture that is not handed down….’

Even though I have a computer table I don’t think that would fall into that category. One, it is a flat pack piece of furniture. As good as it still is, surviving assemble, then unassembled, moving and assemble, it is not a piece of furniture that I would put in that category.

Secondly, it is just MDF. (Honestly at this rate I feel sorry for my computer table. It is as if I’m dissing it. Poor table, it is a really good computer table actually. I think I need to go home and sayang my table now and coo and sooth its feelings.)

Anyways, when I was in my old flat, I wanted a coffee table. Marks and Spencer had this set of tables on display and I love it to bits. It is a nest of two solid wood coffee tables from the Tiga range. It was so popular that they had to discontinue/suspend taking orders for the range until they can fulfil the existing orders.

You can imagine my disappointment when I got news of that.

However, after weeks of keeping track on it (was really lucky to have that privilege to do so), when I found out that the product was in stock, I finally put in my order coinciding with the business’ Home Event.

There was also an offer that if I placed the order for the nest of two tables and a side, I can get the whole lot with a good discount. After some consideration, I went ahead with the nest of two coffee tables and the side table.

As I ordered it during the Home Event, I had 20% off from the sale and another 20% off from Staff Discount. On top of that, I have saved up various vouchers and that offset-ed what I had to pay. In the end for the whole lot of about £500 original price, I only paid £161, which I think is a really good buy.

It took me a while to think of should I buy it or should I not. SR thinks that I was crazy to spend so much for the tables. But agreed that paying £161 was a bargain compared to £500. But still, he thinks that I was crazy to spend that kind of money.

TS on the other hand was very supportive and said I should definitely go for it.

Whether I necessary needed it or not was another story.

Yes, I needed it because I don’t have a proper coffee table in my then lounge.

Yes, the tables would be nice if I have a dinner party we could all sit around the table on the floor since my existing dinning table was only a two seater.

Yes, the tables would be a good enough investment if I bought my own flat in future I have a really nice set of coffee tables.

No, I don’t need it because I don’t own a flat.

No, I don’t need it because it will just be another dumping ground for my ever increasing pile of rubbish.

No, I don’t need it because that means me spending unnecessary money.

No, I don’t need it because… I probably just don’t need it.

Eventually I still bought it because number one I fell in love with the tables. They are solid wood, not just your MDF, flat pack furniture, good quality tables and all the way from India. Thank havens I had TS to support me there.

I believed it is a really good buy since I only paid £161 for the whole lot!

Anyways, after the order, there was a wait for 12 weeks. It didn’t bother me that much since I bought it at a good price anyways.

But 12 weeks became 16 weeks and then another few more weeks were added on because I was moving and I didn’t want to have them delivered to my Aberdeen address and I have to find a way to move it down to Glasgow.

So more waiting. More liaising with M&S.

Finally after all the hassle, it finally arrived yesterday. Which I had to skive off work to be there to sign for the delivery.

What I was disappointed was that I was promised great customer service from M&S delivery team. That they will be there to unpack my furniture, inspect it with me, when I’m satisfied, sign the papers, they will take away the packaging and I will be happy and proud of my new purchase.

If I’m not satisfied with the item(s), meaning that if there are any damages, I will call Customer Service, speak to them about it, and I will keep the damage item(s) until they have the new items ordered and replaced.

However, in reality I was left with the tables in two boxes. Mr. Delivery Guy said that because it was ‘Express Delivery’ they don’t do that with me.

So here I am with my purchase in two boxes. On each boxes it was printed ‘two person to carry item’. Right. -__-"

I managed to unpack the side table. Luckily they were in good condition.

But I can’t unpack my nest of two coffee tables. One, the tables weigh 46kg. Two, it did say to have two persons to carry the item.

I tried to carry it alone but think that I shouldn’t risk it. After all if anything does happen like I accidentally damage it, I doubt that I will get a replacement.

Being the good gf that I am, I have to wait patiently for TOH to be here to help me unpack it. In the mean time, I just have that box staring at me in the living room while I watch my tv.

Funnily yesterday I had this vision of me laying in the box since it was about my height. Can’t help telling TOH about it and he laughed at me saying that I must be thinking I’m a small kid and that being in the box is my little safe place. I can’t resist asking ‘Can I keep the box?’

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