Wednesday, 31 October 2007

halloween 2007

You know its Halloween when…

Saw this HUUUUGGGGE pumpkin on our outing last weekend. So big!

I wonder how many dishes we can make with the insides of it?

Pumpkin soup.Pumpkin pie.
Pumpkin muffin.Pumpkin cake.Pumpkin pudding.
Pumpkin tart.Pumpkin pickle.Pumpkin risotto.
Pumpkin cheesecake.Pumpkin salad.
Pumpkin pasta.Pumpkin lasagne.
Pumpkin ravioli.Pumpkin enchiladas.
Pumpkin mash.Pumpkin scones.Pumpkin curry.

What a list! You'll be so pumpkin-fied after all those dishes. Of course in my most crudest way of saying 'eat pumpkin until you puke!'

And even pumpkin halwa! As well as Pumpkin, Rum and Raisin Ice Cream!!!

I wonder how it would be. I love Love LOVE my Rum and Raisin Ice Cream. But with pumpkin??! Hmmm… I wonder. Must make it one day then.

Last year I sort of got dressed as a witch. Sort of, because it was just black top, black skirt, black ballet pumps and a witches hat (which I have two and not sure what am I going to do with two!).
And I said if I have to get dressed this year, I may just dressed as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz because I have a pair of really nice red shinny shoes.

But I doubt I will be dressing up or doing anything tonight.

One. I’m not prepared.

Two. I couldn’t be ars*d.

Oh well…

Since I’m going into town tonight to buy Tommy Emmanuel’s ticket, I may just drop in one of the shops or supermarkets to pick up some sweeties just in case someone come knocking at my door.

Yup. I have a door with public access. Hmmm… -_-

Should I be a scrooge and pretend I’m not home. Hmmm…

And then end up eating the sweets myself, say if I pretend I’m not home or nobody actually comes a-knocking. Hmmm…

Not that I don’t have a supply either. Hmmm…


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