Friday, 2 November 2007

the night before

Nothing super exciting happened for Halloween.

I went home after getting my Tommy Emmanuel’s tickets. Didn’t stop at the shop as I thought I wanted to. Walking home I saw this group of trickortreating kids walking about and I was like ‘great! I didn’t buy anything’.

Went home and flaffed about the cupboards and came up with this.

Not too bad considering it is just whatever from the cupboard. You can see how much junk food I have at home. Yes, I know having Ferraro Rochers on your trickortreat tray is really a bit OTT. Considering somebody was complaining that he had to give away Mars Bars.

It was rather interesting to notice that there is less lighted window compared to usual too!

There are scrooges amongst us.

But I found out that there are good reasons to be one too!

Kids up to a certain age dressed up coming treatortreating are cute, interesting and possible conversation topics.

When you get a group of say ten or so teenagers, it is scary. But then again, would teenagers still go for treatortreating?

Why is it scary some may say?

Well, if you see the teenagers here, you would know what I mean. Heck, some who are not even of teenage age yet are already acting like one.

Then you also get kids (for whatever age I guess) asking for money instead of the usual trickortreat!!!!

I was surprised to hear that. The cheek honestly!

But honestly I was a bit afraid that night.

It is a good opportunity for people to come robbing you actually.

It was a rather quiet night. I only had two young and polite witches (unaccompanied) came trickortreating. In a way it was a relief that I didn’t go and buy more sweeties. I have enough to feed me already!

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